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The occurrence and spatial distribution of 40 steroids in the environmental matrices of the Hailing Bay region, South China Sea, were investigated by rapid resolution liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (RRLC-MS/MS). Seventeen, 14 and 11 of 40 steroids were detected with the concentrations ranging from 0.04 (testosterone) to 40.00 ng/L (prednisolone), 1.33 (4-hydroxy-androst-4-ene-17-dione) to 1855 ng/L (androsta-1,4-diene-3,17-dione) and wharves~aquaculture zones~tourism areas>offshore areas. The distribution of steroids in the marine environment was significantly correlated with the levels of chemical oxygen demand (COD) and ammonium nitrogen (NH4-N). Source analysis indicated that untreated municipal sewage was the main source of steroids in the marine environment. Furthermore, progesterone was found to be a reliable chemical indicator to surrogate different steroids in both the water and sediment phases based on the correlation analysis. testosterone.

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The expression of beta-defensins was detected by quantitative RT-PCR. The androgen dependence of beta-defensins was determined by bilateral orchiectomy and androgen supplementation. The androgen response elements (AREs) in the promoters of beta-defensins were identified using the MatInspector software. The binding of AR to AREs was assayed by ChIP-PCR/qPCR. testosterone.

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Letrozole significantly reduces myoma size and volume and also improves the associated symptoms. It has a good adverse effect profile and appears to be a promising medical option for management of uterine myomas. testosterone.

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To evaluate the endocrine disrupting effects of cadmium (Cd) using OECD enhanced TG407 test guideline. testosterone.

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EGF or different concentrations of testosterone were incubated with the primary urethral plate fibroblasts from patients with hypospadias. The levels of AR expression in the fibroblasts were detected by immunocytochemical assays and graphical analysis.

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